Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Give Up!

I give up! I hate veggies! Noah hates veggies! Darin hates veggies!

I am a failure.

Ok.....now that that's out of my system, I suppose I'll just start over. I have not done well the last month or so on my Veggie Adventure. It's been a big 'ole veggie compost adventure for most, but not all, of the veggies from my CSA. In my defense, the end of the school year for teachers is exhausting and most of our dinners from late May through the middle of June consisted of a lot of cereal and sandwiches. Lots and lots of cereal...oh yeah, and yogurt. Then, we left town for a week on vacation.

Now that we are back on town for a while, I will try to get us back on track. I listened to a very inspiring NPR interview with Mark Bittman, a cookbook author/foodie who has changed his own personal diet to include lots more fruits and veggies and less animal products this morning and that was inspiring so I had canteloup and whole wheat toast for lunch. That's a good start...right?

We don't get our CSA box this week because our farmers are on vacation but I did return from a quick trip to my mother's in S.C. with a big 'ole mess of tomatoes my brother picked from his garden yesterday. Trying to not let them spoil, I promptly froze them this morning, producing 8 quart sized bags of fresh frozen tomatoes. Any ideas other than spaghetti sauce? (Btw, I froze them raw, without the skins, cut into quarters.)

Woe is me.......

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  1. Sorry you are having a tough time! What is in your box this week? Maybe I can help...