Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Limping Along

Last Thursday was a good box of veggies for me. I got several types of squash, Japanese eggplant, yukon gold potatoes, tomatoes, spring onions.'s what I did:

1. Gave the spaghetti squash to Beth, my partner if Veggiedom. I have had spaghetti squash and do not like it.
2. Darin, the reigning Iron Chef Latke at our synagogue, will make latkes this weekend when we have guests with the Yukon Gold potatoes. They are the BEST potatoes for latkes! Score!
2. I marinated the squash and eggplant in a simple bottle-o-marinade, made shish-ka-bobs and grilled them. I LOVED them but Darin and Noah did not. This is happening a lot with our veggies. I will like what I cook and the boys do not. It is disheartening because I'm loosing my motivation to try new things to get the boys to like the veggies.
3. Spring onions were used in scrambled eggs and a pasta salad.
4. Tomatoes were just eaten raw!

Here's what I've learned from My Veggie Adventure: next year, we are planting our own garden so that we can grow what we all love! It was Darin's idea and he's never been very excited about doing a veggie garden until now, so perhaps that will be the true success of our CSA experience. It will lead us to growing our own veggies which is even better financially, environmentally, and health wise because we'll all be eating more veggies because we'll grow what we want! Will also be a "richer" experience for us a a family because we can all participate and Noah will learn so much!

Tomorrow is another veggie box pick-up. Wonder what it will contain? Ice cream, maybe?!?!?

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