Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start Date: May 13

I finally have a confirmed date for my first veggie pick-up from my CSA!!! May 13th, between 3:00 and 6:00!! I’m really surprised how excited I am to be getting a box of veggies, many of which I don’t even normally eat! I feel like a kid before her birthday! I think this blog, and me running my mouth about it to friends and family, has forced me to get excited! That’s good! Again, I need, I crave, I demand that you hold me accountable!!! Remember my goal is: NO WASTED VEGGIES (NWV)!!!

I hear from our intrepid farmers at Blackbird Farms that they will give us occasional recipes, so that’s good to know! Also, my neighbor and partner in veggie-dom, Beth, is ready and determined to get going, as well! She has the bonus of a baby so she can always puree and force feed the non-speaking infant the things the rest of the family won’t eat! She will easily have NWV. But in the spirit of full disclosure, I must say that Beth and her family are light years ahead of my family in their current veggie eating habits. They are also regular runners. Not that this is a competition, but I am bound and determined to eat more veggies that those lean and fit crazy neighbors of mine!!! I will WIN!!! I will cook more, eat more veggies, I’ll have her skinny little butt begging for a Big Mac and fries when this is all over …….oh, umm….sorry…..I got a little sidetracked there. Hey Beth! Luv ya! ;)

So, here are few things you, my few readers, need to know about me and my family. We are food freaks. I mean this in a loving, self-deprecating kind of way! My DH and DS are Jewish and therefore do not eat pork or shellfish (or other bottom feeding, non-cud chewing animals, but the biggies are pork and shellfish). I, the real freak (because now that I read the previous sentence, it is just wrong to call my loved ones freaks because they adhere to religious traditions!), am currently allergic to beef, cashews and pistachios. I say “currently allergic to” because my food allergies keep increasing. Crazy, I know, but there you have it!

Therefore, if you send me recipes, which I would LOVE for you to do, they must not contain:


We eat a lot of chicken at my house. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of chicken. Also, some turkey and some fish. Did I mention the chicken?