Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start Date: May 13

I finally have a confirmed date for my first veggie pick-up from my CSA!!! May 13th, between 3:00 and 6:00!! I’m really surprised how excited I am to be getting a box of veggies, many of which I don’t even normally eat! I feel like a kid before her birthday! I think this blog, and me running my mouth about it to friends and family, has forced me to get excited! That’s good! Again, I need, I crave, I demand that you hold me accountable!!! Remember my goal is: NO WASTED VEGGIES (NWV)!!!

I hear from our intrepid farmers at Blackbird Farms that they will give us occasional recipes, so that’s good to know! Also, my neighbor and partner in veggie-dom, Beth, is ready and determined to get going, as well! She has the bonus of a baby so she can always puree and force feed the non-speaking infant the things the rest of the family won’t eat! She will easily have NWV. But in the spirit of full disclosure, I must say that Beth and her family are light years ahead of my family in their current veggie eating habits. They are also regular runners. Not that this is a competition, but I am bound and determined to eat more veggies that those lean and fit crazy neighbors of mine!!! I will WIN!!! I will cook more, eat more veggies, I’ll have her skinny little butt begging for a Big Mac and fries when this is all over …….oh, umm….sorry…..I got a little sidetracked there. Hey Beth! Luv ya! ;)

So, here are few things you, my few readers, need to know about me and my family. We are food freaks. I mean this in a loving, self-deprecating kind of way! My DH and DS are Jewish and therefore do not eat pork or shellfish (or other bottom feeding, non-cud chewing animals, but the biggies are pork and shellfish). I, the real freak (because now that I read the previous sentence, it is just wrong to call my loved ones freaks because they adhere to religious traditions!), am currently allergic to beef, cashews and pistachios. I say “currently allergic to” because my food allergies keep increasing. Crazy, I know, but there you have it!

Therefore, if you send me recipes, which I would LOVE for you to do, they must not contain:


We eat a lot of chicken at my house. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of chicken. Also, some turkey and some fish. Did I mention the chicken?



  1. Hey Jayne - it's Ruth's friend Molli - she sent me this link and I can't wait to read about your veggies! I'm cracking up about the idea of feeding all the "yucky" stuff to the baby! My cousin fed his daughter beets and plain yogurt when she was little - she says she didn't like it, but her dad has pictures to prove she did. So give it a try - maybe babies like swiss chard! And I have to apologize for calling any veggie "yucky" - they are all interesting and yummy in some way!

  2. Hey Molli! Thanks so much for reading! Please send me any helpful recipes! My non-veggie loving husband is very skeptical of this adventure and says that next year he's growing a garden to grow just what he likes and save the $200 bucks we paid for the CSA! I haven't even gotten any veggies from them yet and he's already planning to dislike the whole thing!! Wish me luck!